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Craft & Food Vendors

     The Boyd County Fair Board would like to extend an invitation to all crafters and vendors to join us for the 2019 Boyd County Fair.  We have spaces inside the airconditioned multipurpose building as well as outdoor setups.  

     We deeply appreciate the vendors that have been with us in our growing process....through the rough times, all sorts of, dry, and even the muddy ones.  We are constantly seeking new vendors and crafters with Innovatie, intriguing, and unique items.  

     In an effort not to duplicate vendor items we ask that you get your applications in early.  We will only accept one home based business such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware....etc.  

     Please note all food vendors at the Boyd County Fair MUST contact the Fivco Area Health Departement 30 day PRIOR to the fair to obtain a permit.  You will be inspected once you have setup on the fairgrounds. 

     Please complete the Concession and Craft Agreement form and return.  Spaces are limited and all spaces are filled on first com first serve basis.  Payment must accompany application to reserve your spot. 


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